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Xfinity Live, Not the Place to Be

Posted: May 29, 2012 in Sports

I was not going to write about this because it really does not have anything to do with one of my teams directly but it would not have happened if I wasn’t at Xfinity Live for the Sixers viewing party.  Plus, it has been bothering me since Saturday Night.

My friend Keiana, my daughter and I decided that we were going to head to Xfinity Live Saturday Night to watch game 7 of the Sixers-Celtics series.  We thought it would be fun to be around other Sixers fans to celebrate if they won.  We got there around 5:30pm because we knew it was going to be crowded and we wanted to get a good seat.  This was Keiana and my daughter’s first time there so they were really excited to see the place. There is a long bar facing the big screen televisions but there are no seats at the bar so we went and pulled up 3 barstools and sat at the bar and watched soccer until they turned the Phillies on at 7.  By the start of the Phillies game, it had gotten really crowded in there.  There were a bunch of guys standing behind us and we were laughing and kidding around with them while watching the Phillies game.  It was fun, we were around a bunch of other Philly fans, that’s what we were there for. 

It was now 8pm and time for the Sixers game to start.  Everyone was waving their rally towels and chanting, “Let’s Go Sixers”.  You really felt like you were at the game. It was great.  Fast forward to halftime, I got up to go to the bathroom and my daughter went to the bathroom too, (so I thought, she really went to ride the bull) I came back and a guy and two girls were standing in front of my seat.  Nicely I said to him, “excuse me, can I please get to my seat”.  His response was, “It’s not your seat anymore, you got up”.  I already knew this was going to be trouble but once again, I said nicely, “that is my seat can I please get to it”.  He started yelling and screaming at me that I moved and it wasn’t my seat anymore so I called him a name and nicely squeezed in and sat in my seat.  He called me a B and started yelling at me like he had no sense and I told him it was in his best interest if he stopped because I was now not in a good mood.  He called me a B again and a nice guy standing beside him told him he needed to watch his mouth and better not think of calling me that again.  Then he asked him if he calls his mom that.  The guy said, “no” so the other guy said, “then I don’t expect you to call another woman that”.  So now I’m sitting there watching the game and I hear the three of them standing behind me plotting on my daughter’s seat.  Once again, I knew they were trying to start trouble.  One of the girls walked over, sat in my daughter’s seat and started laughing.  Her friend walked over and said something to her and they both started laughing.  I told her my daughter would be back in a few and she just shrugged it off. 

As if what had already happened with the guy was not enough, what was about to happen with this drunk girl was only worse.  My daughter came back, she had no clue what had already taken place, she asked the girl nicely to excuse her because that was her seat.  Now mind you, my daughter’s t-shirt was on the seat and her drink and wallet were also sitting there.  The girl jumped in my daughter’s face and said she wasn’t getting up.  A lot of shouting started, the guy jumped in my daughter’s face, I told him to back off, security came, the guy jumped in my daughter’s face again like he was going to hit her and I pushed him away from her by his face.  Security took him out and came back for the girl and when they took her off the stool, she picked up my daughter’s drink and threw it on us.  You can only imagine what happened after that.  What it all boils down to is, they were allowed to stay in Xfinity Live.  My daughter and I were thrown out even though everyone and I mean EVERYONE around told security what happened.  Actually, security was there for most of the fight and saw the guy jump in my daughter’s face, saw the girl throw the drink on us but because I acted like a mother, we got thrown out. 

When we were at the door explaining what happened, a man who I guess was head of security told me that that wasn’t my seat to save and there are no saving seats if you get up you lose your seat.  I told him that I only went to the bathroom, was I supposed to sit in my seat and piss my pants?  The messed up thing was this guy wasn’t even sitting in my seat, he was standing there and just wanted to be an ass about things.  This whole situation makes me feel so bad because there was no reason we should have been treated like we were.  We got escorted out and once again, black people looked bad.  When I was leaving, the guy who started the whole thing was standing by Bullies and looked at me and laughed.  Yes kid, you won, you won again.  I am almost 44 years old, I went to Xfinity to be around Philly fans and hopefully celebrate our Sixers going to the Eastern Conference Finals not to get into a fight with a bunch of drunken kids.  I was treated like a piece of trash and because of this people were given the opportunity to say, “you can’t take those people anywhere”. 

Xfinity Live, you never have to worry about me stepping foot into your establishment again and with all the people I know I will make it my goal to make sure none of my friends step foot in there either.  Thank you for making my friend and my daughter’s first visit one that they will never forget!


In the last few days, I have heard one too many references of just how bad Philadelphia fans are.  First we have Bryce Harper (aka Babe Ruth) taking jabs at Philly fans by saying he hopes we boo him and don’t throw batteries at him, then we have the MLB twitter page tweeting “If they’re going to boo Santa Claus, they’re definitely going to boo you for delaying the start of an inning”, this was in reference to Rick Ankiel being late getting on the field in the first inning of last night’s game.  The national media will never let us forget that 44 years ago, Philadelphia Eagles fans booed and threw snowballs at Santa.  They will never let us forget that we threw snowballs at the Cowboys.  They will never let us forget that in the 60’s Philly fans threw batteries at a player and they will never let us forget that we booed Donovan McNabb on draft day.

We all know that these kinds of things only happen in Philly.  Wait, what’s this I hear?  Cub’s fans threw cups of beer on Shane Victorino while he was playing the outfield?  Dodgers’ fans beat a San Francisco Giants’ fan into a coma because he had on his Giants gear?  Did I mention that 72 other fans were arrested during that same game last year?    Oh and let’s not forget the latest incident which occurred on Sunday when 4 more Dodgers fans were arrested for beating a man because of a minor fender bender in the parking lot.  I’m not done yet.  Remember when KC Royals 1st base coach got attacked by a father and son who ran onto the field and ambushed him?  Remember all these incidents?  Yea, well the national media damn sure doesn’t. 

This obsession that the national media has with painting Philadelphia fans as the worst fans in sports is getting old.  Every fan base has their idiots, not just Philadelphia and I for one am tired of being lumped in with all the bad ones. 

One more thing for the media, I bet you don’t remember May 1, 2011 do you?  Yea well I do, it was the night when the Philadelphia Phillies fans started the USA USA chant all through the stadium when they found out Osama bin Laden was captured and killed. 

Oh one more thing, I know, I know I said that before but this time I mean it.  I have something to confess.  Yes, I was one of the fans that booed Adam Eaton at the 2008 WS ring ceremony and I booed loud.  It wasn’t just the fact that he stole money from the team and had nothing to do with them winning, he had the nerve to be an arrogant asshole and show up for the ceremony and then walk out on the field waving at the fans like we were there to see him.  I guess I am a bad fan now. 

It’s only 2-1

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Sports

I am not good at giving in depth game reviews because well, I just don’t sit here and pay attention deeply enough to see who missed what, what play could have been the game changer and what could have been done differently for the team to win.  This much I do know though.  The Sixers gave the Celtics game 1 after being up 10 points early in the 4th and right now they should be winning the series 2-1 not the other way around.  Even though I cannot give a breakdown of the first 3 games, what I did see is an old Elton Brand who just has nothing left in the tank.  Spencer Hawes who even though he had a good opening round series, is so soft he couldn’t block my shot or make a basket over me if his life depended on it.  Oh yea and where oh where is Lou Williams?  Yes I know he scored 13 points last night but let’s put that into perspective, so did Jodie Meeks.  Before last night’s game, Lou had only scored 17 points combined. 

There have been a few bright spots in this series with one of them being the emergence of Temple’s very own Lavoy Allen.  Allen’s numbers in the first 3 games, 26pts, 27 rebounds and 4 blocked shots.  Even with these very impressive numbers for Allen, what impressed me the most was the defense he played on Kevin Garnett.  In other words, Lavoy Allen was sticking to Kevin Garnett like a fly on crap and there were a few times that you could see the rookie was frustrating the veteran big man.  I saw a photo yesterday on the internet of Garnett whispering something in Allen’s ear.  I wonder if he was asking him out on a date after the game.   Lavoy Allen is not the only player who is having a decent series, Evan Turner  who even though did not have a good game last night, is averaging 10ppg and 8 rebounds.  I cannot jump on Evan’s case too much about his play in last night’s  107-91 loss because he came up big in game 2 by hitting 2 important free throws down the stretch to lead the Sixers to the 82-81 victory.  Jrue Holiday and Andre Iguodala  are also having good offensive series with Jrue averaging 13.7ppg and Iguodala averaging 14ppg. 

Ok, with all that said, I still believe that the Sixers will win the series because you will not convince me that three men who have to get permission to leave the old folks home to play are going to beat this young energetic Sixers squad.  Any minute now Tippy the Turtle and Jesus Shuttlesworth’s legs are going to give out on them, just watch! Yes I know it doesn’t look good right now and yes I know the Celtics are a veteran team who knows how to get the job done but the series is only 2-1 right now. 

The keys to the Sixers winning this series are shutting down Rajon Rondo and stop settling for the outside shot.  In three games Rajon Rondo  has one triple double and 25 assists combined.  This is unacceptable .  So how do you stop him, Jrue, Evan and Iguodala (you see I didn’t mention Lou because we already know he can’t play defense) are going to have to step their defense up.  I know it is a lot to ask but they have to take him out of the game.  The next key is to stop settling for the outside shot.  I don’t know what it is about this team but they live and die by the outside shot.  They have got to start driving the ball to the basket and drawing fouls.  Hmmm, so if we could just get this to happen, I would never have to see Jodie Meeks in a game again because, well you know, he is the 3 point expert!

Sixers fans, all hope is not lost yet in this series.  I expect the team to come out tomorrow and play a totally different game than what we saw last night.  Sixers in 7, you can hold me to that!

Sixers Poll

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Sports

Mother’s Day

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Sports

I thought about writing another Mother’s Day post but I know I have a lot of new female followers that never had the chance to read this one from last year, so here it is.

“It takes someone really brave to be a mother, someone strong to raise a child and someone special to love someone more than herself.” – Lilly

No truer words have ever been spoken.  I was lucky to have two wonderful women in my life who raised me to be the woman I am now; my grandmother (whose middle name was Lilly) and my mother.

Now I’ve told you guys in a previous blog post that my grandmother was the reason for my love for sports but what I didn’t tell you is that my mother was the one who was there for every game I cheered regardless of the weather she was in those stands watching;  she was at every softball game I played in and she also was the one who taught me how to catch, throw and hit a ball. I can’t forget one of my favorite things my mom and I used to do together and that was go fishing.  Yes, my mother taught me how to fish.  We went to the Swatara Creek every weekend in the summer fishing and it was a great time.  Well, that was until the snake crawled up the embankment. Pretty sure that was the last time we ever went fishing.

I didn’t have the pleasure of having a father around growing up so my mom and grandmother did everything in their power to make sure I didn’t miss having one in my life.  Same thing I have done for my daughters over the last 21 years.  When I look at the women around me, I see mothers who have raised their sons to be wonderful young men, like my best friend Theresa.  I see young grandmothers like my friend Kristyn who is doing her part by making sure her brand new grandson grows up to be an Eagles fan and a teenage mom who had to grow up very young and take responsibility for what was then, a mistake.  I could go on and on about these awesome women and all the other awesome mothers out there but I wanted to keep this post short and sweet.

We are who we are (for the most part) because of our mothers so make sure they know how much you appreciate them today and every other day.

Please feel free to share your favorite memory of you and your mom.  I would love to read your stories.

Something happened last night that now has me believing, the Mayans were right about the world ending in 2012.  Hold on a minute, I take that back, two things happened last night that have me believing.   Our Philadelphia 76’ers won their first playoff series in 9 years by knocking off the number 1 seed Chicago Bulls and Andre Iguodala hit the game winning free throws!  You read correctly, the Sixers are moving on to the second round of the NBA playoffs because of Andre Iguodala. 

I don’t know if you understand how great it feels to wake up in the morning with a big smile on your face because one of your teams has finally found a way to win something.  I know, I know, it was only the first round of the playoffs but this team has given Philadelphia sports fans something to look forward to for at least another week or so.    Do I think the Sixers will win a NBA championship?  No but I do think that they can and will beat the Celtics in the next round to move onto the Eastern Conference finals.  Yes I said it, the Sixers will beat the Celtics and move onto the Eastern Conference Finals!  If I’m wrong, oh well, they’ve  done so much more than anyone could have expected from them and for that I am proud.  Who would have thought that we would still be sitting here cheering for the Sixers  in the playoffs and not the Flyers.  Everyone keeps saying that the Sixers won because the Bulls were without Rose and that homeless lady Noah.  I’m so sorry but the Bulls still had a more talented team without those two and teams lose key players all the time.  You still have to find a way to win.  Unlike some of you, I will not take anything away from what these kids did in this series.  They deserve this and they deserve this city to be excited for them. 

Now with all that said, the second thing that happened last night was Andre Iguodala hitting clutch free throws to win the game.  Yep Andre Iguodala and clutch used in the same sentence together in a positive manner. I am one of the biggest  Iguodala haters in Philly but I have never had a problem acknowledging when he has done something good.   I cannot lie, when he pulled down that rebound last night and took the ball down court, I just knew he was going to pull up and shoot a jumper because we all know Andre will not drive the ball to the basket because he is not a fan of the foul line.  Replay the last few seconds of last night’s game in my mind.  Wait, what’s this I see, Andre is taking the ball to the basket?  This is not happening, is it?  He didn’t only take the ball to the basket but he drew a foul.  Oh God, a foul!  This means he’s going to the free throw line, you know the thing I just said he’s not a fan of.   Oh well, game over, we are going back to Chicago for a game 7.  No way in hell Andre makes 1 to tie it and 2 to win.  Iggy gets the ball, puts the first shot up, SWISH.  I am rubbing my eyes because I can’t believe what I just saw.  Ok Doug, this one for sure isn’t going in so start getting your game plan together for the overtime.  Andre dribbles and shoots, I close my eyes because I’m waiting to hear the ball clank off the rim.  I hear another SWISH.  I’m staring at the tv in shock wondering why the Sixers players and fans are celebrating.   OMG, the Sixers have just won the game because of Andre Iguodala.  Now I’m screaming and jumping around like a fool while thinking where I’m going to be standing for the “We won a first round series” parade.  Seeing AI celebrating with his teammates and fans after the win, I will honestly say, he deserves that one shining moment.  He has taken a lot of criticism from us over the years which most has been well deserved but in all honesty, it is not his fault that the front office tried to convince us that he was the next coming of the original A.I.  I still believe it’s time for him to move on from the Sixers but in a time when we as sports fans feel that we have nothing to look forward to until Eagles training camp, he gave us something to believe in for a little while longer and I thank him for that.

Phillies Poll

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