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Groundhog Day

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Sports

The clock hit zero and I am sitting in front of my tv  looking dazed and confused over what just happened.  Did the Eagles really just get embarrassed by Kevin Kolb and the Arizona Cardinals?  I think I was fine until I saw Coach Reid on my television screen and then heard the words, “In hindsight, we coulda run the ball a little more”.  At this moment, I had an out of body experience.  I actually think I turned into Linda Blair from the Exorcist at some point.  Did this man really say that we should have run the ball more? 

Ok before I get into that I am going to go back a few years to when I was done with Coach Reid.  Please feel free to stop me if you think I’m wrong.   September 30, 2007, does this date ring a bell for anybody?  Ok, let me give you another number, 12!  Did you figure it out yet?  September 30, 2007, Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb was sacked 12 times by the New York Giants.  If I recall correctly, Donovan was just coming back from broken ribs and his best blocker, Tra Thomas was not available for the game.  Winston Justice, stepped in for Thomas and gave up 6 of the 12 sacks himself.  Here’s my problem.  Your franchise quarterback has broken ribs, you put him in there with a 2nd year guy who has no clue what he’s doing oh and you have said injured quarterback drop back and throw the ball 50 times.  If that’s not bad enough, you never made adjustments at halftime to get Justice help on his side so the QB won’t take some many hits.  Andy Reid left his qb out there to fend for himself that day and I have been over him since. 

Now back to this season.  Michael Vick has not been lighting it up this season.  He was injured twice during pre season with one of those injuries being to his ribs.  You send this guy out there yesterday with a new center and a God awful Demetress Bell and you still insist on throwing the ball 50-60 times oh and once again, you starting qb takes a pounding.   In case you don’t know this, the Eagles have arguably the best running back in the league.  Wouldn’t common sense tell you to use that running back like a Georgia Mule because of the 2 new guys you have on your offensive line?  Yea well I guess that is too easy because Lesean McCoy only had 4 touches the whole first half of the game.  So now you go into halftime down big and when you come out in the second half, you decide “hey, maybe we should run the ball now so we can eat time off the clock because well you know, we’re losing”.   Let’s go back to the first two games of the season.  Mike Vick was intercepted 9 times in two games.  Nine times and you still insist on having him throw the ball 100 times.  Why have a running back on the team?  Hell, why have 4 running backs on the team when you do not use them anyway.  It angers me to no end that the arrogance of this man alone could possibly keep Lesean from being one of the best rb’s of all time.  This kid has the talent to do so but as long as Andy Reid is here, it will never happen. 

I know I am all over the place with this post today but just sitting here thinking about the last 13 years reminds me of the movie Groundhog Day where Bill Murray played a weatherman who kept reliving the same day over and over.  Seriously though, does the league really have to watch film on the Eagles? I mean everyone knows they live and die by the pass.  Everyone knows that when it’s 3 & 14 they are going to run the ball and on 3 & 1 they are going to pass.  Everyone knows this!  It is time to end the Reid era.  I am so sick of people being afraid of change by thinking there is no one else out there who can coach this team.  Go out there and find a young, ambitious coach who can grow with this team.  Hell, it worked for Pittsburgh and Green Bay, why can’t it work out for us. 

I have one more thing to say before I end this.  I expect to see Nick Foles starting within the next 2 weeks and it’s not going to be because Vick got benched.  It’s going to be because his coach got him killed out there for being so arrogant and not running a balanced offense.


A Win is a Win is a Win

Posted: September 10, 2012 in Sports

This morning was so different than any other Monday morning.  Usually, I lie in bed, look at the clock, pout because I don’t want to get up and then finally drag my butt out of bed.  Today that didn’t happen.  My alarm went off, I jumped up with a smile on my face ready to tackle the day.  Do you know why?  The Philadelphia Eagles won their season opener Sunday afternoon.  I’m not going to lie, there for a while yesterday during the game, I was already envisioning getting up miserable today and probably cussing someone out just for breathing or looking at me wrong.  That is what happens when things don’t go as planned. 

Around 12:30 yesterday afternoon, I started getting knots in my stomach.  Yes I was nervous about this game even though we were supposed to handle the Browns very easily.  Since when do the Eagles do anything they are supposed to do?  First series of the game, I was loving what I was seeing from the offense.  Vick was moving the ball down the field.  I just knew we were scoring on that first series.  Well, I guess Lesean had different thoughts because he fumbled the ball and that ended that drive.  I’m thinking to myself, “ok, ok, it’s cool, next series they will score.”   Let me just skip the play by play because I know all of you saw the game.  Mike Vick looked like he was a rookie out there playing.  Making throws across the field which we all know, a veteran QB should know better not to do.  Because of stupid plays like this, Vick was intercepted a career high 4 times.  This game was turning into a nightmare and when the score was 10-9 Eagles, the feeling of a loss went through my body.  There was no way, this team was going to win this game.  The Browns gave them all the chances in the world to put points on the board and they could not take advantage of it. If it wasn’t for the Eagles defense coming to play, I really believe they would have found a way to lose this game. 

Ok, let me back up a little bit because here is where my rant kicks in.  When you are going up against the 30th ranked rushing defense in the league in 2011, what would you do?  Well I think we all know the answer to that, we would run the ball down their throats.  Not our coach, nope, he decides to have Vick (4 int and all) throw the ball 56 times.  Yes I said he threw the ball 56 times and Lesean who is arguably the best rb in the league had 19 touches.  30th ranked rushing defense, 19 rushes.  Am I missing the logic in this?  Andy made a statement after the game saying something like, after Lesean fumbled, he kind of got away from the run.  Oh so your qb has 4 interceptions and you thought you should keep letting him throw the ball?  I’m sorry but things will never change as long as Andy is the coach of this team and that was so obvious yesterday. 

Back to the game.  So there is 3 minutes left and we are down 16-10.  I just tweeted Mike Vick and told him that because he is playing like crap, I’m not going to finish reading his book. I am now sitting on the edge of my chair ready to take my Eagles shirt off, throw it on the ground and stomp on it.  There is no way in hell Mike Vick is leading this team 91 yards to a victory.  I’m now peeking through my fingers watching the game because well, we all know what’s about to happen.  Wait, what is this I’m seeing, Lesean is running the ball?  It took you until there was 3 minutes left in the game to finally decide you should give the ball to your best player!!!  Look, he is moving the ball down the field.   Ok, it’s third down now, Eagles are inside the 20 and Vick decides to take off with the ball.  This won’t end well.  Oh look he fumbled!  “You asshole, what are you doing”.  Oh wait, he got the ball back.  “Ok Mike good play, good play”.  But wait, he’s a few inches short of the first down.  Now it’s 4th and inches, I cannot watch what is about to happen.  Just throw the ball into the end zone like we all know you’re about to do and get intercepted.  Please just put me out of my misery.  Here is where I was having the visions of punching someone in the mouth on the train this morning or cussing someone out.  All because the Eagles are about to lose their season opener to the lowly Cleveland Browns.  The same Browns team that’s qb had a 5.1 qb rating for the game.  The same Browns team that had a total of 200 yards offense for the game.  People are going to point and laugh at us.  This season already is turning out like 2011.  I can’t take another 2011!!  Sorry, I got carried away for a minute.  Here goes, 4th and inches, Vick hands it off to Lesean who gets the first down!  Now there’s about 1:45 left in the game, please Mike, please don’t do anything stupid. No I’m up pacing in my living room.  Vick drops back and throws it to Clay Harbor in the end zone for a touchdown!  OMG OMG He did it! He drove the team down the field for the game winning touchdown.  Wait, let me slow down for a minute.  There’s still time left on the clock and with our luck… ahhh forget it, they have Weeden as their qb and there’s no way a guy with that horrible qb rating and a guy who gets stuck under the American flag is going to come back and beat us.  Then again, we are the Eagles and they will probably make him look like Tom Brady this last drive.  Thank God, Kurt Coleman had other plans for Weeden.  He intercepted him to put an end to that comeback.  Clock hits zero and I feel like I just played an entire football game.  I can’t believe after the first game of the season, I am already physically and mentally exhausted.  One of two things is going to happen to me this season.  Either they’re going to kill me before the end of the season or I’m going to turn into an alcoholic. 

As I said in my last blog entry, this season lies on the shoulders of Vick.  If he continues to play like he did yesterday, we do not have to worry about playoffs for the second season in a row.  I’m willing to trust that he will be better next week against the Ravens and that’s because I know he only played 12 snaps in the pre season so he was a little rusty but if we see the Mike Vick of yesterday, we’re screwed.

I’m not going to sit here and dwell on the game anymore, I mean a win is a win right? 



Eagles Football is Back!

Posted: September 7, 2012 in Sports

I cannot believe in just two days, the Philadelphia Eagles football season will begin.  I am so excited right now that I feel like a kid in a candy store.  I think I will go to sleep tomorrow night with my Eagles gear on so I’m ready to go come Sunday.  I know my daughters will probably look at me like I’m a damn fool going to bed in my Eagles socks, jersey, hat, scarf and whatever else I can find. 

Ok, ok, enough of that, time to get serious.  As excited as I am about this season, I still have a few concerns about this team in which the two biggest are probably the same with every Eagles fan.  The first concern is Mike Vick staying healthy.  I know Mike says he’s not injury prone and I know that first injury this pre season was just a fluke accident but when you have only played 16 games in 1 season throughout your career, I’m thinking you should understand why people are worried about you finishing the season.  Mike is a little guy and I didn’t realize just how little he was until I was walking beside him under the stadium when he was going in to get xrays on his thumb during the first pre season game.  It is really amazing how this little guy can keep taking hard hits like he does in every single game.  People keep complaining about Mike getting himself injured all the time because it is so hard for the o-line to block for him on the account they have no idea when he’s just going to take off and run.  If you watch the games closely, he seems to always get hurt when he’s in the pocket, not when he’s on the run.  In my opinion, I think Mike needs to stop trying to be a pocket passer and do what he does best, RUN!  I think he also has to learn how to get rid of the ball and stop trying to always make that big play.  Mike, this isn’t Madden and it is alright to throw the ball away sometimes.  This season rests on the shoulders Vick and his health so I’m praying he doesn’t go out there and do something stupid.  One more thing on Mike, I expect him to be a little rusty this game seeing that he has only had 12 offensive plays during preseason but with that said, my prediction for Mike on Sunday is 225 passing, 35 yards rushing, 2 td’s and 1 int. 

My next big concern with this season is the absence of probably the best player on the team, Jason Peters.  You cannot lose a player of his caliber and not feel the effects.  I remember a few times last season, watching him run down field and put hellish blocks on players which opened up holes for Lesean.  I have never in my life seen a big man so athletic and not having him is going to hurt.  You hear players talk about how they feel confident with King Dunlap filling in for Peters but they are some big shoes King has to fill.  Hopefully he is up for the task.  I don’t expect him to go out there and put on a pro bowl performance every week but I do expect him to protect #25 and open up holes for him.  Is this too much to ask?

Ok enough of me trying to be an analyst and back to just being a fan.  Sunday at 1pm cannot get here fast enough for me.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to sit here at my desk, sing the Eagles fight song and dance in my chair.  Oh and by the way, the Eagles will beat the Browns 34-10.  Book it!