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Rough Time to be a Philly Sports Fan

Posted: November 28, 2012 in Sports

Philly fans, this has been a rough couple of months hasn’t it?  First, the NHL goes on strike so we have no Flyers hockey.  Then the Sixers sign a guy who has no knees and will probably never play a game in a Sixers uniform.   Our Eagles haven’t won a game since September and are well on their way to a 3-13 season and now we find out our beloved Chooch is suspended 25 games for using a banned substance.  Don’t fret though, in all this, the sports Gods did give us one thing we were wishing for.  I’ll get back to that in a minute.

Now, let me break this all down to you to the point where you will probably head to the nearest bridge and jump off.  I know in past years, when things would get bad during football or basketball, we always had the Flyers to help ease the pain.  Well not this year, because of this strike, Philly fans have been left with a void and nothing to really look forward to until spring training.  I know, I know, the Sixers are above .500 but, they’re still the Sixers.  It has gotten so bad that my fellow Flyers’ fans have been reduced to watching old hockey games that are being re-aired on tv. 

Next we have the Philadelphia 76ers.  I remember a few months ago how excited everyone in this city was when we heard the Sixers were signing Andrew no knees Bynum.  For the first time in forever, we had a big man that could actually make an impact on this team and help them go further in the playoffs.  Actually, many say that he is the 2nd best big man in the conference.  So anyway, we are all excited the owners have a big Welcome to Philly signing for Bynum where a few hundred fans showed up to show their support and excitement in having the big man in town.  Yes, we were going to the Eastern Conference Finals this year!  You couldn’t tell us any different.  **Wheels screech**  What’s this, Bynum is going to Germany to have a procedure on his knee.  Ok he’ll be back in time for the season.  Wait, now you say he won’t be back til a few weeks into the season?  Ok, not panicking yet.  “Excuse me, Bynum hurt his what doing what and now is out indefinitely?”  This is a joke, it has to be a joke.  No, it’s the luck of Philadelphia, that’s what it is.

Now we have the team that has caused me to have numerous anxiety attacks, put me on the brink of becoming an alcoholic, has gotten me blocked by numerous players and radio stations on twitter and now got me sitting here wondering what in the hell we did to deserve a football team like this.  We are 3-8!  3-8!  Haven’t won a game in 2 months and you have players still talking about how talented they are and they gotta turn things around.  That’s all I have to say about the Eagles because I’ve done enough bashing of them in my other posts. 

The only team we had hope for was our Phillies.  Yes we have been counting the days til the start of spring training.  I mean, what else do we have to look forward to?  Before I get into this Phillies thing, let me tell you about the rollercoaster of emotions I had yesterday.  Here’s where the only good thing that has happened to us comes in to play.  Yesterday I am sitting at home when I hear the news that my favorite Eagle player, Jason (Icouldn’tsackmygrandmom) Babin was released by the team.  I jumped up out of my chair and started running around my house screaming with excitement.  This was the best news that I’ve heard in a long time and many of my Eagles friends felt the same.  We all jumped on twitter to express our joy over Babin being cut.  I was even nice enough to send him a tweet (even though I’m blocked) telling him that President Obama can hook him up with healthcare now that he has no job.  Hey, I was looking out for him.  So in the midst of all the fist pumping and chest bumping that came with this news, I see a tweet that says, “Nooo, not Chooch”.  Yep, the mood that no one could ruin was basically just ruined.  One of the last good things we had going for us in Philly is now gone.  Our Chooch was suspended for using a banned substance and once again the Phillies must start the season without one of their starters. 

So now, we as Philadelphia sports fans find ourselves sitting here talking to the sports Gods and asking, why these things keep happening to us.  Haven’t we’ve been through enough already?  That was a cruel joke you played on us by getting us excited about the Babin release just pull the rug out from under our feet by taking  Chooch  for the first month of the season.  What is it, are you still not over the Santa snowball and booing thing?  I mean, give me something, anything right now.  Just let us know what we have to do to get back in your good graces.  Tonight before all of you go to sleep, I need you to get on your knees and ask the Sports Gods to forgive us for whatever it is we did to make them so angry.  Hey, it’s worth a shot, right?  RIGHT?


The Time is Now!

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Sports

This is about to be a total rant and I am not even going to proofread when I’m done.  I said a few weeks ago that I did not expect the Eagles to win another game this season.  Because of this statement, I was not upset or angry that the lost yesterday, I mean, I expected it.   What has me so upset and angry (if not more angry today) is the fact that our head coach lost his damn mind by leaving Lesean McCoy in the game when they were losing by 25 points.  Can anyone out there say that they didn’t know what was about to happen when Lesean got hurt?  I know I did.  You almost could see it coming.  When asked why Lesean was in the game down 25 and 1:45 left in the game, Andy responded, “They were trying to catch up and win the game”.  I sat and stared at my tv for a minute thinking to myself, “What did he just say?  He couldn’t have said what I think he did”.  This arrogant son of a bitch had the nerve to make a statement like that?  I know Andy thinks he knows more about football than everyone else in the world but unless you have a 26 point play, how was running the ball with 1:45 left going to help you win the game?  You gave him the ball 16 times before he got injured now all of a sudden you’re gonna feed him the ball so he can score that magical 26 point play?  I really and truly believe that Andy has lost it and by lost it I mean his mind.  Now I am even more pissed than I was five minutes earlier because I am sitting in my chair replaying everything in my head that just happened.  I am ready to jump in my car with the taser and bat and head to Nova Care Complex to wait for the team bus to arrive. 

I have been saying since 2007 that I thought Andy should be gone.  I also said that I thought he would be fired at the end of this season but after what happened at the end of the game yesterday and the comments he made, I think he will be gone before Monday Night Football next week.  I don’t know how Jeff Lurie can keep this man in this position after that embarrassing loss to the Redskins and knowing Andy left his franchise player out there to get injured when the game was out of reach.  How can Jeff Lurie keep this man and allow him to step up on the podium today at noon and give another one of those pressers that we’ve heard for the last 14 years.  How can he allow him to step up on that podium and answer the question on why he made that comment yesterday because there’s really no way to backtrack what he said.  How can you keep this man knowing that if he stays, your fans will not fill the stands like they do every home game.  How can you keep this man when you know you’re on Monday Night Football next week and the whole country is going to hear the “Fire Andy” chants and the “We want Gruden” chants.  How do you look Lesean McCoy in the eyes and try to explain to him why he was in the game to get concussed when there was no way in hell they were going to come back and win?  How can you keep this man Jeff?

I don’t care if Marty has to coach the rest of the season, I mean the season is lost anyway and he’ll be gone too at the end but there is no way you can justify Andy Reid being on that sideline for another game here in Philly.  You have less than 3 hours Mr. Lure, please do the right thing and Fire Andy Reid!!!

Tips on Playing in Philadelphia

Posted: November 13, 2012 in Sports

Playing for a Philadelphia sports team is not the easiest job in the world.  It takes a special person to be able to handle the fans of this city.  This is something that I’ve been thinking about for a while now, with all these Eagles players crying to the media and on twitter about how the fans hurt their feelings and now with the talk of Josh Hamilton possibly signing with the Phillies.  I’ll get back to Hamilton in a minute and explain why I think him signing here would not be good for his health.

Everyone knows Philadelphia fans are tough.  We expect the players on our teams to give 110% and when we feel they aren’t, we let them know.  Let me give you some advice before you sign on the dotted line to play in Philadelphia.  First of all bring your gorilla suit.  You’re gonna have to zip that baby up on numerous occasions and turn into a person you might not be when you’re behind closed doors.   Second, find a good dentist.  You’re gonna be showing those pearly whites a lot when smiling at fans who are saying vile things about you and your family members.   Third, have a strong support system at home.  You are gonna need someone to sit and listen to you cry and scream when you’re telling them about all the boos you’ve heard and all the bad names you were called.  Last but not least have plenty of alcohol on hand because you’re gonna need it.  This brings me back to Josh Hamilton.

The last reason is why I’m not sure it would be a good idea for a player like Hamilton to sign in Philly.  I know, I know, he is a damn good player but the first time he gets booed here or hears sports radio ripping him, he might fall off the sobriety wagon.  I can hear it now, “Oh look, Philly fans caused Josh Hamilton to turn back to drugs and now he’s in Kensington searching for crack”.  I do not want to be held responsible for this man’s downfall.  With that said, there are many players that love this city and the fans and have learned to deal with them.  I know Jimmy Rollins has said some things over the years to piss fans off but truth be told, he has handled the criticism very well in the years he’s been here.  I think Chase Utley handled the boos better than anyone in the history of being booed.  You boo Chase he says, “Boo, F You”. 

The most important piece of advice I can give a potential player in this town is, under no circumstances talk bad about this fanbase.  We are in the seats regardless of how much you stink the place up.  We spend our hard earned cash to watch you stink it up.  We cry when you lose and cheer when you win.  We have waited forever to see a championship in this city and thank God after so many years the Phillies gave us one in 2008 but so many have waited and are still waiting to see their first Eagles Superbowl. 

If you think you can play here after reading the above, then welcome to Philadelphia!  We will love you and hate you at the same time!

Over the last few days, I think I’ve had about 10 anxiety attacks because of this football team.  Not because they can’t find a way to win a game but because they keep attacking the most loyal fan base in football.  The other morning, I logged on to Twitter and all I saw was tweets from my followers enraged over something Desean Jackson said on Mike and Mike.   I asked what I missed and one of my followers linked me to an article so I could read it for myself.  I said to myself, “self, you are not going to get upset over anything that you’re about to read.”  And then I read it.   “During the game, me and one of my teammates, he actually said, ‘Man, they are sitting there and booing us.’ For that to be our support teamI could feel my temperature rising and the aneurysm forming in my head.  Then I went on to read the next statement by Desean that I thought was going to push me over the edge.   “Once again, we only care about the 53-men on that team, our coaches and the organization. Back’s against the wall. Whoever else is against us, we realize that. Sometimes our own fans can be against us as well.”  That was it, I’m done!  I went back to twitter and nicely sent Desean probably the longest tweet in history and there was nothing nice about what I said.  (Sitting here right now as I’m typing this having an anxiety attack because I’m pissed again) 

This team just doesn’t get it.  We have every right to sit in the stands and boo you.  You are losing 30-10 and you are sitting on the sidelines laughing and carrying on and you don’t understand why we’re booing you?  You give up points on the first 6 possessions and you don’t understand why we’re booing you?  You fumble the ball, you throw interceptions you give up 2 10 point leads in the 4th qtr but you don’t understand why we’re booing you?  You haven’t won a damn game in over a month and you don’t understand why we’re booing you?  I asked one of the players how he felt about the boos and he told me that the fans make it easy for other teams to come in here and play and they love hearing the home team get booed to the point where they feed off it.  So now it’s our fault as fans that this team cannot win a game.  If that is the case then what was your excuse when you lost in Arizona and Pittsburgh?  Please explain to me how Jay Cutler can understand the boos when his team sucks but these dumbass players on the Eagles don’t get it? 

Now on to the person who really pushed me over the edge to the point where I want to meet him in a dark alley to fight him.  Jason YouhurtmyfeelingsandI’mgonnacry Babin.  I’m not even going to get into the tweets he retweeted from his fan club about loyalty, I’m going straight for the jugular about his whining to any reporter that he can find that will listen to him.  You said the fans were chanting vile things to the players and they were so bad you could not even repeat them.  You said it was only a few bad apples but you still felt the need to bring it to the attention of the media and because of that, Eagles fans are once again considered the scum of the earth.  You sir are the biggest hypocrite I know.  You complained about the fans saying things to family members but yet you found it necessary to go on twitter and tweet the First Lady of this country to express your displeasure with her husband and then make sure she knew Mittens was a classy man.  Here’s what I need from you Babin, I need for you to put on your big boy pants, stop crying like a little cat, shut your big mouth and go out there and sack the damn quarterback which is what you were brought here to do

This Philadelphia Eagles team over the last 2 years has been the most unlikeable group of players to ever play here.  Hell I don’t hate the Giants or Cowboys players as much as I do this team and that’s saying a lot.  It’s not even fun for me to watch the team that I’ve loved for over 35 years play anymore.   They play with no heart, no fire and no leadership then turn around, blame the fans and attack us because they suck.  I find it harder and harder every week to cheer for this team and that really breaks my heart.  These players don’t understand and really don’t care that this fanbase has been loyal to this team for 50 years even though they’ve never won a superbowl.  We sell out the Linc every week and sit in cold, windy, rainy weather to watch this team put on a half assed performance on the field then stand around laughing while we are sitting in the stands miserable because our playoff dreams are slowly but surely going out the window again.  We have been here for 50 years, loyal to the bones and guess what we will be here even after you’re gone.  I can’t wait til this group of crybabies are gone because then I hope it will be fun watching my beloved Philadelphia Eagles again.