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SMH Dom Brown

Posted: September 22, 2013 in Sports

Ok, I had to write this because I am pissed off right now.  About 2 weeks ago, one of our beloved Phillies players, Dom Brown posted a picture of him in a Cowboys jersey.  I think this picture caught a lot of us off guard because who would have thought Dom was a Cowboys fan, I mean he did grow up in Florida and all.  Last time I checked they had a few professional football teams, am I right?  So anyway, I took it upon myself to send Dom a tweet asking him what the hell I am looking at in this pic.  He nicely blocked me.  Ok let me get this straight.  You post a pic for all your Philly fans to see of you in a Cowboys jersey, then get butthurt when you’re questioned about it?  Today someone tweeted me about something that was on Dom’s timeline.  Told me to go look.  When I tell you I was horrified to see him standing in the Phillies locker room, over the Phillies logo with a Cowboys jersey on, that sent me on a rampage.  That is the highest form of disrespect you could show a fanbase that  sat at their computers and voted over and over to make sure your ass was chosen to represent Philly at the All Star Game in New York.   

Let me just say this, I understand that players are fans of other teams and I have no problem with that.  Look at  Jimmy, he is a Niners fan but he still shows love to the Eagles but what Dom Brown did was basically say, “fuck this fanbase and fuck the city that I play for”.     I don’t think he will ever understand this city but I do know this, we are the wrong fanbase to piss off.  I can’t speak for all of you but I cannot bring myself to cheer for a player who is purposely trying to anger the greatest fanbase in sports.  




Are You Ready for Some Football!!!

Posted: September 5, 2013 in Sports

Yes!  It’s back!!  NFL Football is back tonight!!! The Superbowl champion Baltimore Ravens against the Denver Mannings.  In case you didn’t already know, I have not been too excited about the upcoming football season.  Actually it’s not really football I’m not excited about, it’s Eagles football.  Over the last two years, this football team has sucked the life out of me.  Last year it got to the point where I laughed at every dumb play and every loss.  I mean really, what else was I supposed to do, cry?  The best part of watching the games were trying to guess how they were going to lose this one.    It was so bad last year that I felt like running outside and doing cartwheels when the clock hit zero in the last game of the season.  That’s how happy I was that it was over.  Oh and believe me, many of the players felt the same way.

So much has changed for this team since last season.  We said goodbye to head Coach Andy Reid after 13 long years.  (5 years overdue) We welcomed new head coach, Chip Kelly (who I really wasn’t excited about and still am not because I wanted Gus Bradley) and parted ways with many players, mostly on defense with the most notable being  #24, Mr. Kerry Washington.  Every time I see #24 run down the field now, I have flashbacks of Nnamdi and want to punch someone.   Bradley Fletcher, please help me stop hating the #24, please!

Anyway, I’ve sat here for the last few weeks  trying to find something to be excited about with this team and just when I think I am actually starting to get excited, my favorite Eagles player of all time (Jeremy Maclin) goes down with a season ending, our new CB, Cary Williams decides to ditch practice to go sconce shopping and our new #2 WR, Riley Cooper decides to go full racist at a Kenny Chesney concert a few months ago.  Yea, thanks guys, this has really helped your case to win me back.  Ok, I will admit, the one thing I am excited about is being able to watch the games this year with no expectations for anything and be stress free!!!  I think this should be a good thing for everyone around me because they won’t have to fear serious bodily harm being afflicted on them by me this football season. 

Even though I don’t expect much,  (5-11 record) I hope somehow they find a way to prove me wrong and win me back because I really want to get excited about Philadelphia Eagles football again. 


NFC East Standings:

1. Giants

2. Cowboys

3. Redskins

4.  Eagles (**weeps uncontrollably typing this**)