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Greatest Weekend Ever in Philly Sports

Posted: November 5, 2013 in Sports

Ok, maybe the title is me overreacting a little bit but hey, it damn sure feels like the best weekend ever to be a Philly sports fan. Did we win the World Series? No! Did we take over first place in the NFC East? Nope, but the Flyers won a game Saturday night after that embarrassing display they put on Friday. The Sixers didn’t just beat the defending champion Miami Heats, they went 3-0 this weekend and are in first place in the division and our Eagles went on the road and obliterated the Oakland Raiders (and that damn pigeon) with Nick Montana throwing 7 touchdowns. For the first time in God knows how long, it felt good sitting in front of the tv just relaxing watching an Eagles game. There was no cussing, no throwing things and no wanting to punch babies during the game. What’s even better is waking up Monday morning with a smile on my face because for one weekend, my teams are a bunch of winners.

So let’s talk about the teams for a minute. Of course everyone knows that most Sixers’ fans wanted the team to go Winless4Wiggins. As much as I would love to have Andrew Wiggins on the Sixers, I just could not sit and cheer for my team to lose. Anyway, I thought about going to the Sixers/Heats game Friday night but figured it would be a waste of money because they were going to get blown out by at least 30. I was watching the game on tv with my youngest daughter and when the Sixers went up 19-0, she said to me, “Mom, I thought you said the Sixers suck? They’re up 19-0 no way the Heats can come back.” I looked at her, shook my head and laughed. She was clueless. I sat and watched the 19 point lead slowly but surely dwindle away. Yep, these are the Sixers we know and love. They held a 2 point lead going into the half which in its own right was a victory. I was happy and I’ll take that. The 3rd quarter didn’t go too well for them but hey, we will always have the first half. Ok so now we’re in the 4th and it looks like they are trying to make a comeback. Wait a damn minute, I am sitting here getting excited and cheering really loud at my tv for a team who is supposed to be the worst team in the NBA this year. This young Sixers team lead by rookie Michael Carter Williams is really trying to pull off what no one said they could do. Now I am sitting at the edge of my chair. I’m screaming, my daughter is screaming, my oldest is looking at both of us like we’re crazy but we don’t care, we are about to win this game! When that final horn sounded, we ran around the house like we just won the NBA Championship. The next 2 games were just as exciting to watch and what makes me even happier is my daughters are now watching the games with me.

Now onto the Flyers. I watch every single hockey game but still have no clue what is going on so I won’t talk about it too much. All I know is, so far this season, this team has been embarrassing but Friday Night, they took embarrassing to a whole new level. So yea they were losing like 5-0 when I guess they thought, well if we can’t beat them, we’ll fight them. All hell broke loose on the ice. I know everyone is up in arms about Ray Emery skating to the other end of the ice and beating the shit out of the other goalie but my thing is, if I see a goalie skating towards my goalie I am damn sure going to make sure he doesn’t get to him. I know Emery is a fighter but someone has to stop him before he gets to the other end of the ice, right? No way I’m letting my goalie get his butt kicked like that. I don’t care what the refs said. Fighting is a part of hockey, in my opinion you cannot pick and choose which fights are allowed and which aren’t. Did he have reason to do what he did, nope but like I said, as long as fighting is a part of the game, throw your hands up. Anyway, it was good to see them win on Saturday even though it was one of the most boring hockey games I’ve ever watched.

Last but not least, the Philadelphia Eagles! We might not be able to win at home but we will kick your ass in your house. That should be their new slogan. I will admit that I was so over Nick Foles after the Dallas game. That was one of the worst performances I’ve ever witnessed in my life. I had no faith that he would get the job done Sunday in Oakland. Boy did he prove me wrong and I am happy he did. Nick Joe Montana Foles went out there and put on a clinic. Seven touchdowns, 406 yards passing for Foles and that was only through 3 quarters! Fans were mad when Chip took him out of the game before he could break the record but I was more worried about him getting injured the longer he was in there so coming out was the best thing for him. I remember last year Reid leaving Lesean in a game when they were losing by like 35 and he ended up getting a concussion. No need to take that chance when you’re up so big. Anyway, it was great seeing the players on the sidelines having fun and smiling for a change. Let’s hope we see more of that.

Ok, I think I covered everything. Oh yea and even though the Sixers got blown out last night against the fake A.I. and the Warriors, I still have a smile on my face because of the great weekend we had in Philly sports. Hell, we deserved it!