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Winner Takes All

Posted: December 27, 2013 in Sports

I’m really not doing a good job keeping up with my blog this year so like Andy Reid once (or a millions times) said, “I gotta do a better job.” First let me say, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and has a safe New Year.

 Now let’s move on to what will hopefully be the best Christmas gift for Eagles fans, a good old fashion ass whoopin of the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night for the division championship.  Before the season, I picked the Eagles to finish last in the division.  Yea, I was wrong.  Who would have thought that in week 17, we’d be playing not just meaningful football in December but playing for the division. I know some of you are out there right now patting yourselves on the back saying, “I did, I did!”  Yea ok if you say so.  It’s crazy if you think about it.  At one time this season, we were 3-5 and it looked like it was going to be that kind of season again.  Here we were, in November and we still have not won a home game in over a year.  If that wasn’t bad enough, one of those home losses was to our old coach Andy Reid which is something that was not supposed to happen.  Nothing was going right for us again in Philadelphia sports.  We had nothing to look forward to, once again. 

Ok I’m not going to get into all the specifics because I’m pretty sure all of you have watched every game this season and don’t need me giving you a refresher so let me just get to the point of this post.  We had a 5 game winning streak going into the December 15th game against the Minnesota Vikings.  The Eagles were picked to win this game easily, no way they lose when their star running back AP is out of the game along with his backup.  No way in hell we lose to Matt Cassell  and some running back named Asiata or whatever his name is.  This was the first time I picked the Eagles to win a game and I picked them to win with ease.  I think I said they would win 37-7 and I was being nice giving the Vikings 7 points.  Welp, the ghost of Joe Webb, (who actually played in the game and can go to hell) struck again.  The Eagles got their asses handed to them by Minnesota, a team who had only won 3 damn games all season!  That was not supposed to happen.  I was pissed after that game but then the more I thought about it, I felt this was a loss they needed to bring them back down to earth.  I guess it worked because they came out last weekend and made the Bears their bitches.  The funny thing is, you would have thought they were playing for their playoff lives the way they came out last week.  For the first time I saw this team play 4 full quarters.  They stomped on their throats and held them down the entire game.  This was the team I waited to see for the last 15 weeks.  

So, because Washington messed up the one job they had to do last week (beat Dallas), we get the pleasure to head into week 17 to play for all the marbles.  Winner moves on to the playoffs, loser goes home.  Eagles are picked to win this game Sunday Night and the line has even gone up since Tony Romo probably won’t be playing.  Everyone is talking about how easy this win is going to be, Cowboys don’t stand a chance, Eagles win by at least 2 touchdowns.  Remember what I said earlier and I hope you understand why I am picking the Eagles to lose this game 34-21.  This is a game we are supposed to win.  When we are supposed to do something, it usually goes the other way.  Do I think Dallas is a better team?  Hell no, I just know it’s time for us to get our hearts ripped out of our chests again.  

Even though I don’t think we’ll win, I will be a nervous wreck up until kickoff.  Actually like many of you, I’ve been a nervous wreck since last Sunday night.   What are we going to do to keep our minds off of this game?  How are we going to survive til 8:30?  The stress of this game is killing me!  I am tired of hearing people say that if we lose it was still a good season because nothing was expected this year.  Please stop with that nonsense!  If we lose to Dallas, on the last day of the season in which we will be home watching the playoffs and they will be playing in the wildcard the next week, you better believe this is a disappointing season!  You do not lose to the Cowboys and call it a successful season under no circumstances.  

Ok, let me calm down now.  My blood pressure is rising.  Let us all hope that I am wrong about my prediction because believe me, this is one time I won’t mind being wrong.




Ho, Ho, Ho

Posted: December 4, 2013 in Sports

So I figured since we are in the holiday season and, well, my blog is named after that jolly Ole St. Nick, why not write about something that ties in with the holidays and sports.  I was sitting here trying to come up with something interesting to write about and it hit me.  If I could give each Philly team one gift for Christmas, what would it be?  Now my brain is hurting and smoke is coming out of it from thinking so hard.  I think I got it though.   So here is Santa’s favorite elf, Sugarplum Festive Fingers (me) Christmas gift list for my Philly sports teams.

Let’s start with the Flyers.  Now remember, I follow the Flyers, watch every game but I do not understand the game of hockey at all so this is kind of hard for me.  The one gift I would give the Flyers is a new owner.  From what I have seen, Ed Snider is the Al Davis of hockey.  He is about 125 years old and still living with that 70’s/80’s hockey mentality and doesn’t realize it’s just not working anymore.  It’s time to put Ed out to pasture.

On to the Phillies.  What to give my beloved Phillies for Christmas.  I got it, an all-expenses paid trip on a senior citizen’s cruise to the Caribbean .  They will spend 6 nights and 7 days on one of Royal Caribbean’s luxury ships and the best part is, every stateroom is wheelchair accessible.  There will be many activities for them to enjoy from shuffleboard to seniors night out where they can play bingo and dance the night away. 

Next we have the Sixers.  This team has given all of us a gift that we did not expect.  They are winning games and are so much fun to watch.  This is supposed to be the season of tanking but it is not working out that way.  What do you give a team that has a damn good GM, a head coach that I seriously believe will win coach of the year and a bunch of young talent that grows with every game they play.  How about I give them a mascot.  Hip Hop, was scary.  Phil E Moose disappeared before he was ever introduced to the fans so I’m giving them the best mascot of all.  (Still not better than the Phanatic though)  Introducing your new Sixers mascot, ALLEN IVERSON!!!!!  If anyone can get the crowd into a game it’s definitely the toughest little man to ever play the game.  Plus I’m sure he could use the money so it’s a win win for both. 

Last but not least, our Philadelphia Eagles.  If this was last year, I would have given them muzzles so they’d shut the hell up and stop talking.  This year, my gift to the Eagles (and I’m sure many will highly appreciate this) from this day on, I will not tweet any of them anything to make them angry enough to block me on twitter.  All my tweets to them will be positive and filled with love.  I mean really, I think that’s the best gift I could give them besides not tweeting them at all.

 Well that is my Christmas gift list to my 4 favorite teams.  I would love to hear some of your ideas so feel free to post them! 


Happy Holidays everyone!!!