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Pam oh Pam

Posted: February 4, 2014 in Sports

I’m kind of mad that I have to write a post about this but I think it has to be done.  First let me say, I love Pam Oliver and I respect the work she has done all these years as a sideline reporter.  She is one of the best in the business in my opinion.  Over the last couple of years, it seems that Pam’s wigs have taken a turn for the worse.  When the cut to Pam during the Niners/Seahawks game a couple weeks ago, I thought I was going to fall out of my chair.  Who the hell let Pam put Shannon Sharpe’s mane on her head and walk out in front of the camera? 

I have gone on a few rants over the last few weeks about her hair and I have been called a hater, ignorant and one woman tweeted me this long dissertation which went like this. 

          “No, you don’t get it.  You are young and don’t have a clue Teri.  This woman is doing her stuff 4 decades.  Probably longer                  than you’ve been alive.  Women have enuf pressure to be validated based on stupidity.  What happens is that you young ppl                fall in line w/ the b.s. you’ve been fed.  This woman is in her 50’s!”

These were 2 of the 6 or 7 tweets this woman (who I have no clue who she is) sent me and the main  reason I decided to write this post.  You do not have to agree with what I’m about to say and I’m fine with that.

To me, the woman who tweeted me doesn’t get it.  When people think about sports reporting, they don’t think about women doing it.  It’s sports, that is a man’s job so when you have women sideline reporters you need to stay on your game.  It’s hard enough for women to be in this profession let alone a black woman to be succeeding in it.  Pam has both of those “strikes” against her.  Recently Pam commented on the outrage that has been directed towards her and her wigs and basically said she doesn’t care what people think about her hair and she would hope they look at her work instead.  I agree with her to a certain point but like I said, being a woman, you have to stay on top of your game.  How can she not worry about looking her best when she walks out onto that field?  How can she not worry about a younger, prettier woman coming along and taking her job?  Let me think, you are in your 50’s, you look a mess in front of the camera and on the other side of the field is cute little Erin Andrews with her pigtails and hundreds of other women trying to get their chance to have the dream job you have but you’re not worried about what you look like. 

Is it fair that women are judged differently than men when it comes to certain things? No but she is in a profession where it’s all about competition and if Pam or any other woman sports reporter lets themselves go, I’m sure their employee would have no problem showing them the door and hiring the next pretty face.

So with that said, yes Pam, you should care about what you look like.  If you want to lay around your house on an off day like that, fine but when you are in front of millions of people, girl you gotta bring it and stop putting those God awful wigs on your head.