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History in the Making?

Posted: March 29, 2014 in Sports

Tonight my beloved Philadelphia 76’ers have the chance to make history.  When I think of one of my teams making history, this is not what comes to mind.  Tonight if the Sixers lose against the Detroit Pistons, they will have broken the record for most consecutive losses in NBA history.  Right now they are tied with Cleveland at 26 straight losses and I am hoping it stays that way.  I know many wanted the Sixers to tank the season or as said on twitter go WinlessForWiggins but being a fan of the team since I was a little girl, I cannot sit here and cheer for them to lose.  Every night, I watch and and cheer for this group of players who I know have no business being on an NBA roster and wouldn’t be if the Sixers’ organization wasn’t obviously tanking the season.  It upsets me watching this once proud organization with such a strong, rich tradition, trade away most of their starters, sign guys who were just working at McDonalds or playing basketball on the playground, take the court every night and made to look like fools and become the laughing stock of the NBA and the butt of the jokes on late night tv.  It upsets me knowing that Sixers fans are hoping that the team makes history tonight with their 27th straight loss.  It upsets me that Sixers fans aren’t going to the game tonight to show their support and cheer them to win, they are going to the game to cheer for the loss.  

Let me explain something to you.  In either 2007 or 2008, the Phillies became the first team to 10,000 losses.  We get made fun of for that.  The Eagles have never won a Superbowl and if that’s not bad enough, this year we sat and watched another team win their first before us.  We get made fun of for that.  The Flyers haven’t won a Stanley Cup in like 50 years (exaggerating a little) and we get made fun of for that.  It’s not only the things the teams have done or not done over the years, we have to hear about booing Santa and throwing snowballs at him; throwing batteries at players; booing players when they got hurt on the field; vomiting on fans; So with all this, why would you want something else for people to talk about?  You know if the Sixers make history tonight, the next record they break will be most consecutive losses in the history of sports.  Yea, that’s something I want following my team around.  

This team is not good, we all know that but one thing I will say about this group, they go out there every night and play their hearts out.  I cannot root against that.  It’s not their fault they were put in this situation.  They don’t deserve to have a few thousand people sitting in the building tonight rooting for them to lose.  They deserve for the fans who will be there to cheer for them and be excited for them when they do break the streak tonight!