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No More Bullying

Posted: August 11, 2014 in Sports

Most of you know that I have a tendency of getting blocked by athletes on our hometown teams.  Players like Jeremy Maclin, Dom Brown, Jason Babin, Brandon Graham, Vance Worley (who I’ve never said anything to) and Fletcher Cox (I will get back to him shortly) have felt that it would be in their best interest if they just blocked me on twitter so they didn’t have to see my tweets to them anymore.  Some would say I bully Philly athletes.  I say otherwise.  Out of all the players I have listed, the only one who had a legitimate reason for blocking me was Maclin.  I will never forget the night I tweeted a 10 tweet rant to him on his comments about the fans.  I knew that would land me on the block list and I was ok with that, for a while.  For three years, I tried to win Jeremy over.  I apologized, I had other tweeters plead with him to unblock me and give me another chance.  Hell I even had Derrick Gunn tell him to unblock me.  Nothing worked until the day twitter decided to unblock everyone.  When I realized I wasn’t blocked by any of these guys anymore, I was as happy as a kid in a candy store.  That happiness was short lived because twitter fixed the problem and I was blocked by all again.  Well everyone but Maclin.  He didn’t just unblock me, he followed me!!!  I promised that I would not be mean to him anymore and so far I have kept that promise.

This brings me back to Fletcher Cox.  Now, we’re talking about this big, mean defensive linemen.  He takes the field every game with the thought of ripping the opponents’ head off right?  What could a nice, sweet lady like myself do to piss him off so bad that when I asked him at training camp yesterday if he would please unblock me on twitter and he looked at me with hate and hurt in his eyes and yelled NO!!!!!  I tweeted one word to him, Omaha.  Can you believe that one word could bring out so much rage in one man that I thought he was gonna jump over the table yesterday and try to tackle me when I asked him to unblock me? LOL These players love, love, love when people praise them.  They always retweet the good things people say but if you criticize them…..BLOCK!  How can you play in this city and have such thin skin that you let something so stupid get you so angry. If you wanna play for a team where fans really don’t care about you, go to Jacksonville because this isn’t the place for you.   I have been called fat, ugly, a pig and so many things on twitter and I just laugh at the people and sometimes keep talking to them until they finally break down and realize I’m a cool person and he gets mad and gets his feelings hurt over Omaha?  This is the same guy who was mocking Peyton Manning with the Omaha during the game and now you’re mad that little old me tweeted it to you?  I’m not gonna just pick on Fletcher even though I think he was really rude yesterday about the whole thing but hey, whatever.  I want to get on all these players that don’t understand, we as fans, have never had an outlet to express our frustration with our teams/players when things aren’t going well.  Social media has given that to us.  If we are frustrated about a game, we want you to know. Now some people take it too far with their tweets to players, I mean, I hate seeing someone tell a player to kill themselves or they need to get out of town etc.  If I remember correctly, the only time I criticized a player for how they were playing was when I asked Jimmy if I could be his hitting coach so I could teach him how to not pop the ball up.  I wasn’t serious and I could tell he knew that by his response. 

So anyway, the point of this was, since the incident with Fletcher yesterday, I’ve decided I am only going to tweet positive things to these players from now on. I am done bullying these poor guys.  If they want someone to stroke their ego, I’m their girl. 


PS:  I might have over exaggerated Fletcher’s anger just a little.




Same Team Different Day

Posted: August 1, 2014 in Sports

Over the last few months, I’ve struggled with the notion that some of my favorite Phillies’ players probably wouldn’t be on the team as of July 31st but it has gotten so bad that I was at the point where I was praying someone would get traded in the middle of an at bat Every night I watched and paid close attention to the dugout waiting so see the obligatory dugout goodbye hug from somebody, anybody!!!
Ok, let’s fast forward to July 30th, I’m sitting at work listening to the Phillies getting pummeled by the Mets and thinking to myself, this has to be enough for Ruben to pull the trigger and start trading players. It has to be. Even though I was sitting at my desk laughing (and cussing at the radio) at the game and how bad this team is, I kinda felt sad knowing this was the end. The window of opportunity for these core players has come and gone and tomorrow I will be watching a bunch of players who I probably have no idea who they are take the field in Washington. Boy was I wrong.
I wake up on July 31st excited because this is the day of new beginnings for my Phillies. Yes I know I said I was kinda sad earlier and I still was but change is a good thing and the only way the team would get better. I get on twitter to see if there have been any trades yet and I see nothing. I plug in my earphones, turn on sports radio, I mean, I don’t wanna miss anything on my commute to work. Welp, I didn’t. I keep refreshing twitter every 2 seconds and I finally see the first big trade was made. Ok Ruben, it’s your turn, let’s do something. Noon comes, **crickets**. I think to myself, “Ok, he’s working on something big.” 2 o’clock comes, **more crickets**. It’s fine, he still has 2 hours. I’m checking twitter and I’m seeing all these players being moved then I see the Phillies have traded Byrd to the Yankees. YES!!!! We got a trade! NOPE! It was fake. So, here we are 3:59 and I am sitting here still holding out hope. Nothing! The deadline has come and it has gone and our awesome general manager didn’t make one move. Soooo, now I’m pissed. I mean, how can you not find one team to take one player off your hands? How does this happen? I cannot believe that they will be going into tonight’s game with the same exact team. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it’s about to get worse and here’s why.
So, ok we made no moves but there’s still hope because we can still move players at the waiver wire in a month. I’m pretty sure Cliff Lee will be the one player who will be moved then because some playoff bound team will need a good starting pitcher to add to the rotation for the playoffs. I love Cliff and I’m going to miss him but it looks like your time in Philly will be coming to an end in a few weeks. Here’s where the going from bad to worse comes in. I’m not even gonna go into the play by play leading up to this so let me get right to it. Cliff Lee gets hurts. Yep, he hurts the same elbow that has kept him out the last 2 months of the season. I sat there and stared at my tv like this is not happening. Our one player we could move is now basically done for the season. This could only happen in Philly. No one else could ever have luck like this. I now have all kinds of thoughts running through my mind and here’s where I’m at now.
Ruben Amaro Jr. has single handedly ruined what was once (a few years ago) a great organization. Free agents wanted to come to Philly and play because they knew they had a good chance at winning a championship here. Teams were lining up to make deals with the Phillies. Now we are the laughing stock of the league. Nobody wants to deal with Ruben who had the nerve to blame the other GM’s in the league for his inability to make any trades at the deadline. If that wasn’t enough, this delusional, worthless piece of crap GM, told Papelbon that this team will continue to contend over the next few years. WTF are they contending for, last place? Did he not realize when he made that comment that this team is 14 games under .500 and most of his players are old enough to get AARP? Does he have a fountain of youth hidden somewhere that he plans on bringing in and throwing magical water on these players for them to go backwards in age. Does he think he has a team of Benjamin Buttons? What? Someone please tell me what this man is thinking! Let me calm down because having an anxiety attack over this isn’t gonna do me any good. As long as Ruben is running this team and bringing in players like our CF who can’t even throw the ball to home plate and can barely get it into 2nd, they are not going anywhere. I mean, you know it’s bad when you have Mets’ fans laughing at you because your team is worse than theirs.
Oh well Phillies, I watch a lot of HGTV’s home improvement shows so you can hire me to remodel and redecorate the basement for you since, well, you’ll be there for the next several years.