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Domestic Violence and the NFL

Posted: November 8, 2015 in Sports

Once again, I know it has been awhile since I’ve written a post in my blog but I felt it was time for me to talk about the topic that has been blowing up social media sites over the last few days, domestic violence and the NFL aka Greg Hardy’s woman beating ass. A few days ago, a picture was released of Greg Hardy’s ex girlfriend with bruises all over her body. As a woman, I was beyond outraged to see this disgusting picture. The anger I already had towards him had just gone to a whole new level.

There’s a few things here I want to cover but let’s start with the NFL. Before I get into my NFL rant, something that was said to me the other day by someone who has known me all 47 years I’ve been on this earth, really and truly bothered me more than anything else. He posted on my facebook that my hatred for the Cowboys is stronger than my love for the Eagles and that’s why I’m going on this rant about Hardy. I was really hurt by that because really, this has nothing to do with the Cowboys or Eagles. Being a woman and a diehard football fan, the NFL has showed me that they don’t give a damn about me. Oh, let me rephrase that. They do care about me one month out of the year and that is when they are promoting Breast Cancer Awareness in October. But then again, that is all about making money for themselves and the owners. Ok, so we’re back to them not giving a damn about me and the millions of other women football fans across the world. How dare you allow a man who beats on women to continue playing and at the same time expect us to keep supporting the NFL? My friend Jessica Harpel (@jharp02) said it best last night, “I’m so pissed because it feels like the NFL is forcing me to either be a football fan or a woman fan, and I can’t pick both.” This is not fair. I have been a football fan for over 40 years. I have bought tickets to your games, I have bought NFL merchandise, hell I even set my schedule around football but guess what, I’ve been a woman longer and I’ve witnessed domestic violence against us and just knowing you don’t give a damn that one of your players beats a woman like Hardy did and you say it’s ok that he continues to play, makes me ill to my stomach. Ever since Ray Rice knocked out his then girlfriend and I saw how the NFL handled the whole thing, I have not given them one penny of my money. Ok, I actually did when I went to the game in Atlanta this year but besides that, in the last 2 years they have not gotten anything from me and guess what, until they take domestic violence seriously, they won’t get my money.

Now on to the next topic, dumbass Dallas Cowboy women fans who support Greg Hardy and make sure everyone on social media knows they support him. Are you really this stupid or are you just looking for attention? I just cannot wrap my head around the fact that women actually support this man. You are a woman, supporting a man who beat a woman, why, because he is on your football team. I’ll be damned if I’m cheering for any player on the Eagles who put his hands on a woman. Hell when Brett Myers got into a fight with his wife in Boston years ago, I never, EVER cheered for that man again. I don’t even cheer for Riley Cooper after the “mistake” he made a few years ago at a concert. Sitting on Facebook and Twitter reading women say, the ho got what she wanted from him and that was money and another saying we are just hating on the Cowboys and Greg Hardy. Please someone explain to me how any of this makes sense. These are just 2 examples of what I’ve seen from women fans and believe me, there were worse.You ladies are an embarrassment to women all around the world and people I wish not to associate with.

It’s not just women fans that have made me angry over the last few days, it’s all fans of the Cowboys who have come out in support of Hardy. I’ve had Cowboys fans say to me, “Well, you supported Mike Vick.” How dare you compare what Mike Vick did to what Greg Hardy did plus Vick served his time in prison for his actions and has been a model citizen since. Hardy served a 4 game suspension and is still out here victim blaming. I just do not understand, how you can look in the eyes of your mother, wife, sister or daughter knowing in a few hours you will be cheering for a man who beats the hell out of women. I pray that the day never comes that one of the ladies in your life, never comes across their own Greg Hardy.